AIFIS 2016 Fellowship Program

AIFIS offers an annual fellowship program that provides funds for short-term research in Indonesia and the United States. Currently, we are accepting applications for our AIFIS Luce fellowships. These fellowships provide $5,500 to Indonesian scholars for collaborative research in the United States, including travel costs and/or living costs during a fellowship period of a four week minimum. Interested applicants can find information and instructions for applying in the links below. Applications are due Thursday, January 14, 2016.  Please email with any questions.

Information and Instructions for Applicants



Congratulations to the AIFIS 2015 fellows:


Kian Goh (Urban Design & Climate Change Adaptation, MIT): “A Political Ecology of Design: Contested Visions of Urban Climate Change.”

Ronald Lukens-Bull (Anthropology & Religious Studies, U. of No Florida): “When Pluralism Became a Value for a Muslim Militia: Exploring the History of GP Ansor.”

Adam Miller (Conservation & Community Development, Planet Indonesia International) “The Impacts of Wildlife Trapping and Trade on Bird Communities in Gunung Palung National Park.”

Deanna Ramsay (Outreach Program Coordinator, University of Chicago) “Eating, Drinking, and Writing: Finding Food in Indonesia’s Past and Present.”

Thomas Seitz (Political Science, University of Wyoming) “Valuing Votes: Grassroots Development, Political Culture and Democratization in Indonesia.”

Kelli Swazey (Cross Cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University) “Symbolic Visitors: Resistance to Touristic-centered Development and Religious relations on Banda Neira.”

Sarah Tucker (Fisheries and Conservation, Smith College/Udayana University) “Improving traceability and identification in eastern Indonesian grouper fisheries.”

AIFIS Luce – US Fellows 

Andy Chang (Sociology, UC Berkeley): “Heroes of Globalization: Migration, Social Mobility, and Cultural Change in Taiwan and Indonesia.”

Colin Cahill, Cultural Anthropology (UC Irvine): “Purity and Cleanliness on Indonesia’s Civet Farms.”

David Gilbert (Anthropology, Stanford Univ.): “Identity, place and plants: Sumatra’s forest-farmers.”

Lisa Kelley (Geography, UC Berkeley): “Patterns of Cacao Expansion in Southeast Sulawesi.”

Jenny Zhang (Education, UC Berkeley): “The Logics of Reform: Education, Literacy and Development Practices in Indonesia and the United States.”

AIFIS Luce – Indonesian Fellows 

Elisabeth Rukmini Goei (Chemistry Education, Atma Jaya Univ.). “Peer-tutor: the recruitment, the development of leadership skills, and the targeted future faculty member.”

Ratno Lukito (Comparative Law, Universitas Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta) “In Between the Two: The Trajectory of State and Religion Continuum in Indonesia and America.”

Azalia Muchransyah (Film, Bina Nusantara University International) “Using Film as a Social Marketing Strategy to Improve Acceptance of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Among HIVInfected Prisoners in Indonesia.”

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