Workshop “NEW TRENDS IN THE ACADEMIC STUDY OF THE QUR’AN”, Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Kalijaga, 24 May 2016

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Over the last few decades, Qur’anic studies emerged as an exciting and vibrant field of research among scholars both in the West and in the Muslim majority countries. This is evident not only in the flurry of books and article that deal with the Qur’an or the convening of various workshops and seminars on the subject, but also the controversies that this field engenders. Diverse methodologies are currently applied to Qur’anic studies and various issues raised, some of these methodologies and issues are certainly “new discoveries” and others revived from older researches. The result is that many assumptions that for years have been taken for granted are now under strict scrutiny and often disputed to an extent that, as Fred Donner has rightly noted, the field of Qur’anic studies seems today “to be in a state of disarray,” in the sense that there is little in consensus among scholars. This presentation will discuss major methodological and thematic issues in recent scholarly studies of the Qur’an.


AIFIS in cooperation with Graduate Program of UIN Sunan Kalijaga will conduct this event on:

Date      : Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Time      : 09.00 – 11.00 WIB

Venue     : Hall Lantai 1, Gedung Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Kalijaga


Mun’im Sirry, Ph.D. earned a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School (2012). His academic interests include political theology, modern Islamic thought, Qur’anic studies, and interreligious relations. Sirry’s most recent book, Scriptural Polemics: The Qur’an and Other Religions (Oxford University Press, 2014) examines difficult passages in the Qur’an that have usually been viewed as obstacles to peaceful co-existence among different religious communities.


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