The member institutions of AIFIS donate to the AIFIS library at the Jakarta Center one copy of all available books on Indonesia that have been published by the publications division of their universities over the past sixty years. Since the modern study of Indonesia in the United States in the various Area Studies programs goes back to just after World War II, with roughly ten universities involved (Cornell and Yale being the oldest from the 1950s, with others being established after that time), this implies a collection of hundreds of books and journals which are becoming available to American and Indonesian researchers there. No such collection has previously existed in Jakarta or anywhere else in Indonesia. The common space around this library—which is housed prominently in our AIFIS office—fosters an environment of study and an atmosphere of collegiality and intellectual exchange at the center.

The diverse collection of books and journals already in our library and reading room currently include full runs of Cornell Modern Indonesia Project and Cornell Southeast Asia Program publications on Indonesia and of the journal Indonesia (volume 1 [April 1966] to volume 95 [April 2013]), together with various volumes on Indonesia published by Cornell University Press, the University of Hawaii, Ohio University and UC Berkeley. Other consortium members are in the process of sending their universities’ publications to the AIFIS center in Jakarta.
Our library will continually expand each year by acquiring new publications as they are produced by the growing number of researchers who pass through and use the center itself. We are also collaborating with the Library of Congress representative in Jakarta, who is a member of our board, to expand further our collection of print offerings. A subscription to JSTOR—an electronic repository of millions of scholarly journals in the sciences, arts, and humanities, with excellent coverage of Indonesian Studies—complements these offerings.

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