Research Facilitation
AIFIS staff provides personal assistance with research and residency permits to U.S. researchers visiting Indonesia. AIFIS’s research center in Jakarta also offers networking opportunities for visiting U.S. and Indonesian academics eager to forge international research collaborations.

Our newly established Yogyakarta satellite office is located at Pusat Studi Sosial Asia Tenggara , Gedung PAU UGM Sayap Timur 1st Floor, Jl. Teknika Utara, Barek , Yogyakarta. It provides personal assistance for US researchers within Yogyakarta and the Central Java area.

Language Learning
AIFIS assists visiting U.S. researchers gain introductory language instruction.

Many visiting researchers come to Indonesia for research on a range of topics that has not required them to learn the country’s language—these include scientists, engineers, economists, and many others. Our Jakarta office is coordinating with Indonesian language programs already in operation to help these scholars to become proficient enough in the language so that they can get out to their field sites or find qualified local collaborators effectively.


Bahasa Indonesia learning program

Please see our publications page for more information on our library. In addition to publications, the library offers research space and access to print and electronic materials, and fosters an environment of study and an atmosphere of collegiality and intellectual exchange.

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Additional Information

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